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Two topics in one!

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First off....Boone went to the dog park for the first time yesterday!
The only place in the city where its legal to have the dogs off lead. He had an absolute blast!!! He came when he was called about 85% of the time. He also tried to make friends with an 8mnth old Great Dane. That didn't really work out too well, Boone got pinned down because of his enthusiasm, but they got on after a bit. Generally he played with the other dogs, but didn't go too far away from us. Stayed about 15-20 feet of us the whole time. It's a double gated, double doored (so they can't get out) HUGE park, and I suspect we will be there alot!

Second topic...Boone accidently bit me last night, hard! I was holding a bone for him and he chomped down on my thumb, the nail and cracked it. This isn't just an "oh no I broke a nail" moment either! He cracked the nail bed, it'll probably turn black and fall off actually. I can't believe how much it hurt. It still's throbbing and swollen. Ouch! His tooth went right through my nail, I screamed from the sheer pain of it, and he just trotted off with his bone having no idea what just happened.
Poor me, I can't help but be a little apprehensive around him now, I hope that goes away.
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I had a pup that bit me by accident years ago and I still have the scar. Is your tetnus shots up to date? Not to say that your "baby" is nasty, but it's a good thing to have up to date anyway.
No I don't have a tetnus shot. But Boone got his last shots, including rabies last week, so I'm not worried about that...but it really really hurts!
Hey Tina, I am not a doctor by any means, but you may want to call your doctor and ask about that tetanus shot. Boone's vacinations wouldn't prevent him from being able to give you tetanus. From what I've read it is in soil, dust and lives in the intestines of animals. I know that I was bitten by one of my guinea pigs when I was a teenager and my doctor insisted that a tetanus shot was in order. Might be worth a call.

On a brighter note, the dog park sounds terrific. I wonder if there are any near by for Coal and I. Of course we still have a couple of shots to get through first!
I would, but it takes about a week to get in to see my doc anyways...I'd have my jaw all locked up by them hahah
so I'll just hope it's ok, I've washed it and all that good stuff. Plus his teeth scratch me all the time, this is no different just on a more sensitive area.
I'm sure you'll be fine. My hubby is always saying how great it would be to live in Canada and have national health care but if it takes a week to get in for a tetanus shot...... I dunno about that!!! Anyhow, I hope your pain is subsiding!!
It only takes that long during cold/flu season. All the elderly people go see him when they have any kinda cough :roll:
Okay we'll think positive so Tina doesn't have to have a shot. The dog park sounds great!! I found a double gated dog park here that I never knew of. Apparently no one else knows of it either....I'm going to try to have a doodle romp there. I'm glad the Dane decided to be Boone's friend. :)
Ouch on the thumb. Any one who has ever smashed their thumb can sympathize.
The funniest thing I saw at a dog park was Chester sniffing a Great Dane and a Dauschund sniffing at Chester...all in a row.
Wouldn't that have made a nice picture? :lol:
Sounds like alot of fun at the dog park. I like how you mentioned how he got pinned. Picture a great dane on top of a doodle.

I got bit by my schnauzer last week too in the nail and it hurt like $#$#$!

It is much better now. Hope you are feeling better soon!
Hi Tina,

I know my post is a little late, but how is your thumb nail/finger feeling? I had to get a tetanus shot after my cat (their mouths are so filthy!) tore up my hand with her teeth and nails. She really did not want to be groomed that day!

I have not yet taken Sawyer to the dog park, but I am looking forward to doing it soon. He just had his rabies shot last week.
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