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two labradoodle pups

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Hi! 10 days ago I adopted TWO labradoodle puppies (brother & sister) when they were 8 weeks old. They are such a joy! I'm wondering if others who have 2 labradoodles could offer some advice for raising 2 puppies at the same time. They do GREAT together, but i'm concerned that they will continue to prefer each other's company, over human contact, as time goes by. I've been spending 'alone' time with each, but any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you!
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I had two litter mates, not labradoodles, but they both were company for each other when we were at work, but when we were at home they gave all of their quality time to us
Congratulations! When you get time, be sure to post some photos of your pups. There are several of us here who have two doodles. Mine are also littermates, a brother and a sister.

They find each other fascinating, good company, good exercise - plenty disctracting. They are both extremely attached to both me and my husband. We take them wth us together and separately all the time. Most training takes a little longer than it would with just one because they find each other so distracting, but there are all kinds of other issues we've never had....For instance, they love their crate and never cried in it, they always had each other for company. They get lots of exercise running and wrestling with each other, so lots of the time they're worn out!

The biggest negative for us has been that they are extremely competitive about toys and bones. We have to work with them constantly to remind
them not to "protect" these things. Every now and then they squabble over some mysterious dog issue. I had some extremely frustrating times because they were so much work before they were housetrained, but I am very happy now to have the two of them. We just can't imagine our lives without either one of them!

Welcome to our forum! You will get to know some wonderful doodle lovers here. There is always enough advice and discussion here that I learn new things every day. Welcome.
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Hi Welcome! Congratulations!

I have littermates too...and have I don't see any competitiveness at all between fact they are so cooperative with each other, they can take toys/food/bones from the other without any incident at all...they are the best friends and teach each other things (good and bad things!)

You are wise to take them separately and work with them...that is the main advice I would give, it is fine to have them together (as close as mine are, they know that I am top they are each very loving to humans) yet there will be times when they have to be apart, like if one goes to the vet over night or can be very bad for them unless they are used to spending time apart.

You will do better with your training if you can train them separately too, but your reality means taht they are always there, you also need to know how to speak to them both and train can be a challenge.

The challenges are not enough to deter from the absolute double joy and love that you are going to enjoy! I am happy for you!
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