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tummy trouble and more

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I searched through the topics and couldn't find what I was looking for, so I am sorry if this topic has been covered. My Dora is a little over 4 months and the last two days her stomach has been making a lot of gurgling and grumbling noises. She went #2 yesterday morning and hasn't been since. I have walked and walked her but nothing. Now she has a problem with eating it but I have not seen any evidence of that. I have no idea why she does that either. In fact, I have no idea why she does 1/2 of what she has been doing including the huge hole in my kitchen floor that she did at 4:30 this moring. I am caught between taking her to the vet or putting an add in the local newpaper this morning. I am having the same biting problems and she is so hyper she can't even be around the kids. I knew it would be hard but I really thought she would be making so improvements by now. My husband is going today to get a crate from a friend, I hope it works. I really need some advice and so encouragement. Have a good day everyone!
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Hi Beth,
I am sorry you are having some trouble with Dora. It can be frustrating getting through the wild and destructive puppy phases, but it really does get better! Crate training is good not just for potty training but also as a way to contain your puppy when you cannot watch her. Tethering her to you may also be helpful to keep her out of trouble. It is alot of work to train a puppy, but hang in there! The rewards of having a well mannered adult dog are terrific!
I read your message and snapped this photo--it really does get better!!!

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I just wanted to thank everyone for your kind words and encouragements! I was so upset this morning and I have cooled off greatly! I figured out the "wipe your paws" mat covers the hole nicely, and Dora loves to lay on it. Instead of being mad with her I spent a lot of extra time loving her and playing and walking her. Seemed to at least help her tummy out for she is doing much better. I took her to the groomer and she got her summer hair do. I will post pictures of her tomorrow. She looks a lot like a poodle with her new hair cut. She feels better too. I think everything will work out. Just a bump in the road!! I love her so much and I pray things will continue to get better!
Beth, Hang tough!! Toby is just now earning out of crate privileges without constant supervision. He is eight months old. The crate training is a wonderful thing....for all of the reasons that others have indicated. A four month old will destroy :twisted: Toby has never torn up anything that did not belong to him- you know why? I have never given him the opportunity. Get that crate for everyone's sanity. Dora will soon be a well-trusted good, girl.
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