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trying to post a picture

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attempting to post a picture...?

Not sure if it will work
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It worked! Molly and Lee vi are stunning!

(FYI: Molly is my Chase's sister and her owner is planning on breeding F1B Goldendoodles with a sweet new GD puppy named Murphy, who just happens to be a brother to my Rosie! Isn't that cool??!! We are soooo related!)
That is so cool Jac. Did you two know each other before you got your dogs?
No, we didn't know each other. One day, I saw a post on this forum and it was from "Molly" and she was announcing that she had just purchased a beautiful chocolate Poodle...and from her description (I think she mentioned the breeder) I realized that it was Chase's littermate! So, I wrote and told her we were related...and we have been friends ever since! :D Then she fell in love with my little Goldendoodle, Rosie, and I told her that there was a male still available...and she bought him!
It is really fun for me. Our dogs are very similar in temperament and disposition and they look so much alike.
What a beauty she is you should be proud...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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