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Hello, A breeder sold my friend a labradoodle or supposedly well come to find out the pup wasn't eating and outrageously small and suppose to be 8 weeks which I believe he's really 6-7 weeks. Long story short I bought "Lucky" from my friend which he was just going to give away and was able to get him to start eating but for two days he only drunk goats milk and he only eats Can Food "Wet" with slight hard kibbles mixed in but
But soon will be making the transition to Kibble just waiting for teeth to officially grow, have a Vet appointment to make sure he's properly vaccinated as well as gaining slight weight which for sure I'm confused on if he's a labradoodle? What should I expect from his coat? What age does he really start to grow? Last picture is parents. White Lab (mom) and Poodle (father) and from What my friend said. He purchased from craigslist. Please help me and tell me opinion.


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