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Troy in Ohio

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THIS IS TROY - A BEAUTIFUL, ENERGETIC, BIG BABY - he's about a year old, and all he needs is someone who appreciates him. He's full of energy, but hasn't had any training, and he's big - over 60lb.

His first owners lived in a mobile home, and he had no room to run around. Debbie from Millcreek All Breed Rescue in OH rescued him especially for someone who was on our database. Troy was transported from OH to MD to his new family, who kept him one day, and returned him saying he "wasn't trained enough" So, back to OH Troy went and another home was found - this time in NJ. It was agreed he would visit for a week to see how things went. After 9 hours in the car, and a play in the park where he played a bit rough with his new sister, he finally saw his new home last night. Three hours later, his new family called Deb and said they wanted to give him back, because he was bigger than they expected, and their dog was stressed.

He is being put into boarding in NJ, near Philadelphia, until Debbie can get back to pick him up.

Troy knows basic obedience commands, sit, shake, and is mannerly in the house. Troy is neutered, utd on shots, heartworm neg, and wormed. His adoption fee is $350. You can see his listing:

contact Debbie Wolfe ? [email protected]



PLEASE MAKE IT 3 TIMES A CHARM FOR TROY!! He needs a family with a nice fenced yard and who will take time to train him. No small kids.
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Oh, that poor baby...I wonder what is going on in his mind...and in his heart. :cry: :cry:
Keep us posted on him he does deserve a good home it is a shame you want to rescue them all. :cry:
I feel so bad for this boy. He really was not given a chance to settle in the new home at all. I just wish people would realize that with a rescue or a rehome, it does take time and patience. Some work out perfectly, and some take a little time. Troy is just a year old, so still a puppy, and he just needs room to run, and feel secure. Deb says he is the sweetest dog ever, just a bit hyper. What do you expect from a 1 yr. old??
I think that often people get caught up in the hype that Labradoodles are the perfect dog...and, they can be...but they need time and patience and training...especially a rehome.
And usually the dogs are loving and loyal and simply don't know what happened. I can't stand to think of what they must feel...because I know that these dogs feel...and reason...and love. :cry: :cry: :cry:
Yes, they certainly do. According to Deb, he is a big sweet boy with lots of love to give, and he is good with kids. Just a little exuberant with small children, and he could knock them over. He gets along with other dogs, just wants to play, and be loved!
Poor Troy is still there at the shelter. We are hoping he finds a good home soon. He really just needs time to adjust. He is sweet and loving, but he has been cooped up so long, he really has to have some room to run for more than just a day. If my house was not overlyfull I'd have him here, but I am already at my limit.
Goodness, what a sad story. :cry: I sure hope he finds a home soon. It reminds me so much of the Springer I once adopted. He was 10 months old and ours was his fifth home . . . With a Springer, it took LOT'S of patience, but he became a beloved member of our family! My heart goes out to Troy.
Diane (and Dakota)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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