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Back again about JJ!
I took him to the vet about his paws, he said he may be allergic to his food, so now we try something new and no liver snacks! He loves those things! He isn't too happy about the carrot replacement.
He is growing and learning. He is 65 lbs and 1 year old. That is a lot of puppy coming at you if you are at my door!
Does anyone have some advice on what to do when and while your company is coming in? I've tried removing him and it's worse!
I realize he is just excited but other people don't. Eventually he settles down but he acts a little hyper at first.

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Wow, JJ is a big boy!

There are so many different ways to deal with this so I am sure that you will get a lot of good advice.

When our dogs had that problem it usually was because of the happy voices when people visit. (Especially women voices!)

We put a sign on the door...asking people to help as we try to train our dogs. We told them to wait while we put leashes on them, then to enter without talking to the dog...just ignore him.

Then I would take my end of the leash, holding the dogs back, the people would come in and I kept the dogs by my side. We sat down and talked as if the dogs were not there. Finally the dogs relaxed and would lie down by me and then I would quietly slip the leash off of their collar. They didn't even know. And they continued to lie there.

Soon they learned that they could move about, but if they went to the company, the leash went back on and we repeated the lesson.

After the company had been there a while, I asked them to speak to the dogs, in low, non-excited tones. I still held the leash so that they couldn't jump up or get out of control.

You just give your commands and make sure that they have to obey them. If you give commands and can't back them up, they soon learn that you won't do anything...and they will do what they want.

My dogs are like yours, just friendly and happy to see people, but people are overwhelmed (and rightfully so) by big dogs jumping and/or barking, whether it is a happy bark or not.

You might want to set up "visitors" to come by every day, a few times a day, until you get it under control.

Good luck!

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My trainer also suggest the leash when companies comes keep them on it and have the company ignore the dogs until a few minutes ask them not to speak to the dogs and like Jac said don't let them make a big deal about them, then ask them to gentle pet the dog and not get all exicted as we do sometimes this just encourages the bad behavior.

Jacs advice is right on.
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