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trimming around the eyes

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I have a 4 month old named Kolby. He is the mellowest dog I have ever had. We have always had labs before with little grooming needs. Do you trim around the eyes so they can see better? If so how do you go about this?
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I let the groomer do it when he goes to day care. I can't imagine how he'd turn out if I did it!! :lol:
I have to tell you that your user name popped my eyeballs! :shock:
I'm andi at another forum and for a second thought I was at the other forum when I saw this... :lol:
Welcome andi!
I use andi at the other forum because I scrambled the name Linda.......didn't like landi so made it andi! :?
MaxandMe said:
ANDI....excuse LINDAMARIE as she was having a "blonde moment" which seems to be par for the course on this forum for many members
(including me...there said it before Gene or other hooligans could) :wink:
:p Well said annmarie! :mrgreen:
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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