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When we got married last July back in Europe, we brought Pacha with us (because we'd be gone for 3 weeks, she was only 4 months old, and we couldn't stand missing her that long, so young!). It's quite a hassle with all the paperwork, required shots, chipping, getting the approval from the federal authorities, getting the approval from the foreign authorities, etc.). Other than that it went all very well, she didn't seem to mind the flight that much, and enjoyed seeing new places, people and dogs.

As to health risks, Holland isn't really a dangerous country. Mexico on the other hand may have all sorts of risks that i'm not aware of. Also you may need to check the quarantine requirements (some countries require the pet to be quarantined upon arrival - and also the US may require upon return, depending from where you flew in - Mexico may definitely be a country that the US doesn't trust, health risk wise). Of course if he will need to be quarantined (either way), it's not worth it!
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