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Training my Labradoodle

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Hi everyone!

I just purchased a labradoodle and will pick her up in a week or so. I've been reading a lot of information on the web about how to train her, etc. This is my first dog, so I have a few questions regarding the best ways to house train her. What worked for you guys with your puppies? Also, what kind of crate is best? I bought a large crate for her because it'll be something she can use when she's bigger, however, I have another smaller crate at home, would that be best to use when I'm trying to house train her? I have read that they won't pee in their bed so smaller might be better at first? Any hints or suggestions that you could give me regarding how to train her would be most appreciated!

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Welcome to Doodleland
Consistency as always works best.
Denver was very easy to potty train but we took him out every
half hour or so.
We used the largest crate you can buy from the beginning
and had no problem. We just stuffed it with big sleeping pillows
til he got bigger. He never soiled his crate
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