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Totally not related to doodles - daughters

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Just had to share, I'm gushing. This is my daughter and her boyfriend tonight it's Homecoming. Isn't she beautiful? He doesn't look bad either! :lol:

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Ohmygosh, Lisa! Your daughter is STUNNING! What a beauty...really...I have been watching all of the "movie stars" in my trashy magazines (that's how I get to sleep at night :oops: ) and your daughter is much prettier, by far, than they!
And your son is so handsome! You have every right to be gushing with pride...they are gorgeous children. (Your son has bedroom out! :lol: )
The boyfriend is very nice too...they must grow kids well in your hometown!
We ought to do a family photo thread...I have sons (34 and 28 ) and 3 beautiful grandchildren.
Wow, Lisa! Wouldn't that be great if she gets the part??? Be sure to let us know!
And, you are out for those girls...CJ is a good looking young man!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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