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Having an assortment of dog toys on hand will help you keep your Labradoodle busy so he isn't tempted to chew on your shoes or other household items. Dog toys come in all shapes and forms and each dog has his own unique preferences. The Labradoodle is a mixed breed of two different retrievers so they have a natural desire to fetch things, though they enjoy other toys as well. Here is a list of the top six toys you should consider for your Labradoodle:

1.)ZippyPaws Squeakie Buddy - Labradoodles love to carry plush toys around and this squeaky toy is perfect for that. This toy comes in a variety of different animals and it doesn't contain any stuffing for you to clean up when your dog rips it open. Plus, he'll find the large squeaker impossible to resist.

2.)OurPets IQ Treat Ball - The Labradoodle is an intelligent breed of dog that requires just as much mental stimulation as physical stimulation. The IQ Treat Ball is a wonderful interactive toy for your dog that will help to keep him busy when you are away. Just fill it with your dog's favorite treats or kibble and let him roll it around to release the treats.

3.) Classic Kong Toy - All dogs love a good chew toy and the classic Kong is one of the best ones out there. Made from heavy-duty rubber, this toy is nearly indestructible even for heavy chewers and you can fill it with tasty treats to keep your dog engaged. It also comes in different sizes so you can upgrade as your Labradoodle grows up.

4.) Dogloveit Mallard Toy - Satisfy your Labradoodle's natural retrieving instincts with this mallard toy. This lightweight plush toy is made from soft cotton materials and it is designed to withstand some chewing. Toss it for your dog to retrieve and he'll gladly bring it back to keep the game going.

5.) Nylabone Dura Chew - If your Labradoodle likes to chew on things, these durable nylon bones are a must-have. Available in a variety of different flavors and made from long-lasting materials, this is the only chew toy your dog is going to need. It even comes in an extra-large size for dogs over fifty pounds at maturity like your Labradoodle.

6.) Chuckit Classic Launcher - Many Labradoodles love to chase balls - if your dog does, the Chuckit Classic Launcher is something you definitely need. This ball launcher enables you to throw a ball up to three times further and you can pick it up when your dog returns it without getting your hands covered in slobber.

The toys listed above are just some suggestions for the kind of toys your Labradoodle may enjoy. Your best bet is to purchase a variety of different toys and then spend some time playing with your dog to find out what he likes. Once you know what your dog enjoys as far as toys go, you can stock up and keep a ready supply on hand.

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