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Too much roughhousing?

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My new LB1 Luah,is having a great time with my 7 year old Golden, Jersy. My question to all you dog behaviorists is... should I limit their play or let them play as much as they want. They play wonderfully together, like a mama and her pup, gentle, quiet and fun. I am just wondering if this will escalate and become a real mess when they are both 70 lbs. I try to mix the play time up between "Auntie Jersey" and just me so Luah learns the difference. Any thoughts, experience in this? thanks.
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Hi again,

As long as the playtime is loving it should be fine...but watch for the tumbling and rolling about, my vet (the one who does PennHip evaluations) said that when puppies play too roughly and get rolled around and pounced on, they can suffer from hip problems later on.
He also said that anything where the puppy jumps up and lands on hind legs is bad for well as running, and too many stairs (before they turn 18 months.)
So, just be cautious, keep an eye on them and if it gets too rough for your comfort, try to distract them with playing ball or something a little calmer. (I know that it is impossible to stop them when they are really wound up...but this is the advice that was given to me from a doctor who should know!) :wink:
My girls are 12 and 1/2 wks old and they play soooo rough together. It's very cute, with the nipping and barking. Can they hurt each other since they are both the same size? They do a lot of rolling around with each other. Also, they go up the stairs and sort of slide down them about once a day or so. Is this too much? Here's an updated pic of them.
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Hi Angela, they are adorable! Great pic! (Looking at them, I can't believe they would be so rough and tumble! :D )
You know, even though my vet said to be careful of the rough play, I find it impossible to stop. They have so much energy and it is really good exercise for them. I think that it is just good to keep an eye on them and if you feel that it is getting out of hand, distract them and they'll settle right down.
Angela, They are soooo cute.
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