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I was trying to get a picture of Tyke's big ears to post after I saw the thread on our doodle's ears. She was laid out on the kitchen floor, asleep, with both ears out behind her head like a giant Easter bunny. I guess the flash must have startled her.......

YIKES!!!!! :lol:
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Poor Baby you scared the Bjeebbiessss out of her.
Bwahahahahaha.....I love ALL the Doodles on this forum, BUT there is something about Tykes expressions that just crack me up!!!! The pic of her in her crate with the water bottle...the shape of her mouth, reminds me of a cousin of mine...hahahahahahha...keep em comin!!!! :wink: :wink:
That is awesome....................
You sure got her attention teehee
I just embarassed her at puppy preschool by showing that to her class!!!! :oops:
(Her expressions crack me up too - you can almost SEE what she is thinking!)
P.S. NEW DESKTOP!!! :wink:
I love it Kathie! Tyke will keep em coming!
<<still chuckling from that photo>>

Thanks for the smile....
Thanks!! What a great picture! :lol:
hhahahaaaaaaaaaa that is tooooooo much!!! :D
Poor Tyke...Kim your kinda like the papparazzi :twisted: :twisted:

Very cute :wink:
Tyke did your Mama scare you? Hahaha great pic!!
:shock: Oh my gosh that is to cute!!
What a sweet little scared the heck outta that poor baby!!!
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
For everyone who was worried about "poor Tyke" :roll: , she paid me back last night - she woke me up at 1 AM wanting to go out, then played hide-and-seek in our backyard (she was hiding, and I was getting frantic while seeking :shock: ) Just when I was sure she had slipped through some undetected hole in our fence, I heard a bark and turned around to see her standing on the back steps - I swear she was laughing! Oh well, payback is you know what, as they say!
Good one Tyke!!! But it really isn't a good idea to scare Mom. Moms get upset and worried pretty easy.
Hey! Way to go Tyke!!
Next time though, you better pick a more
suitable time to play games.........
my mom would really be upset with me

for pulling a middle of the night stunt like that!!!
( though for sooo startling you with the flash in the face.....
something to get her back certainly was in order!)
You do know that the picture she took is priceless, RIGHT????!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Coco and
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1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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