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Today charlie goes for his vet check, but i think he is sick

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We got Charlie on friday and today is is vet check.
But i think he may be getting sick.
Does anyone know what these symtoms could be?
*runny nose
*a little coughing, then a gag like he is going to throw up but he doesnt..especailly after he runs or eats

Im just trying to make some guesses before i take him in today. I hope its nothing to bad since we are already attached to him! :roll:
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I wouldn't want to guess. But please do let us know. I do think I've seen puppies do that and it probably isn't real serious.
I HOPE NOT! l0l.
I mean he seems fine other than that, but yesterday he started to sneeze like crazy and his nose was just pooring snot. GROSS, i know!

Our dog Sadie has been coughing for a few weeks now. The vet thinks it's allergies and we're starting her on benadryl. No runny nose though like Charlie. I hope everything checks out fine with him at the vet. He looks like a really cute little fellow.
I was thinking allergies too. But I guess we will see in a few hours.

I was a little nervous in the vets office thinking something would be wrong with Charlie but the vet said he is very healthy!

He got 3 shots including his rabies, heartworm medicine, he has a hernia but the vet said its nothing to worry about, he pushed most of it back in and said he doesnt think it will cause problems, and that the cough and sneezing would go away.. it wasnt anything to worry about but IF it gets worse then i have to bring him back!!

But other than that i have to bring him back for a follow up booster shot in 3 weeks, and got a free puppy pack and Lord knows we all love free stuff!

Everyone in there made a HUGE fuss over how cute and well behaved he was!

AHH what a relief :D
Well we are glad to hear he is fine, and your right free stuff is the best... :lol:
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