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If you can find a doggy day care that also boards, that is your best bet. we boarded our puppy at a doggy day care place, so I knew she was out and about all day long and only in her kennel for part of the afternoon and of course at night. she loved it! i would rather do that than have her kenneled up all day at home alone, only let out once or twice by a dog sitter.

i feel for you; being in a small town you probably don't have many options. but if you can find a doggy day care, or maybe someone who works at the vet's office would offer to take her home with them, that might be an option.

our dog loved doggy day care so much I'm considering doing it every few weeks or so just to get her worn out. she slept for about 2 days after being there because she was so worn out from having fun. she almost wouldn't even leave when we came to pick her up.

good luck, and don't worry whatever you decide to do, your dog is going to love you just as much when you return!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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