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Hi there...
Sounds just like my schedule! I don't get as much time with Boone as I would like right now, but bills do have to be paid.
I work 8-4 monday to friday.
Generally the boyfriend is home with Boone during the day, but 2 days a week or so he is also gone 8-4. He's lucky he has a sales job and it's very flexible for us.
So Boone does spend sometimes 8 hrs in the crate. He just naps, and chews some of his rubber toys and is totally fine. When I get home, we play, he has a snack (not dinner, just a little something) we go outside, then about an hour later, I put him back in the crate so I can shower. Then he's out till 10 or 11. I don't like it, but he's out all day with us on weekends and some days with my boyfriend during the week.
Of course when he's out of his chewing stage, and totally housetrained trustworthy he will be out to do as he pleases during the day.
It is enough interaction time for him so don't worry. As long as the time she does spend with you is positive, and stimulating you shouldn't worry.
When you leave her, make sure you don't make a big fuss about it, same goes for when you get home. Just let her out of the crate, give her a quick pet and take her right outside. Making it a huge deal will only lead to seperation issues down the road.
At 14 weeks, the potty training shouldn't be too much of a problem, they get better at picking it up as they get older.
I felt totally the same way you do when I first got Boone a few months ago, because I had never crate trained a dog before.
She will be fine, and grow into a social, happy dog!
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