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My daughter found a tick on Chester the other day. It was just crawling along on his fur so we took it off of him and did a head to toe search for any more. Do I have reason to be worrying. Of course it gives me the willies and I've been itching ever since!
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does he have shots for ticks? have you checked all of your family members?
Ticks... ugh!! I hate the things. :x We have them in our yard and I keep Cinnamon on the topical flea/tick stuff. I guess when you live in the country, you trade the peace and quiet (?) for the wild things. I know what you mean about finding one and having the "heebie jeebies." Makes the skin crawl just thinking about it!

We found two ticks on our doodle when he was 3 months old. One deer tick and one wood tick. I was so worried that I couldn't sleep. When we took him to the vet she was so unconcerned and said not to worry. I never knew I had a fear of ticks until I actually saw one. They are creepy and serve no good purpose on this earth.
Thanks. That does help. We use the topical stuff on him and I think it must work because the icky little critter was just crawling along and wasn't embedded.
Well atleast in didnt get embedded! My friend had deer tick embedded in her skin...not so good! Best Wishes, Lauren
If you find a tick imbedded, take it out with a pair of tweezers. Grab the tick by the head and pull it out. Make sure you get the whole thing or it will continue to pump the toxin into the skin. It will be a pulling sensation and the dog might whimper, but it's better out than in. The tick will have a piece of skin still hanging in it's mouth. Flush the tick down the toilet. DO NOT put it in the trash. It will crawl out. And you can't smash it. It just doesn't work.

Wash the spot with soap and water to clean the area and you should have no problems. If you do, take him/her to the vet asap. Most ticks don't carry disease but you never know which ones do.

Hope this helps!
I hate, hate, hate removing ticks, esp big fat ugly ones filled with blood. Luckily, I have found a super simple, inexpensive tick remover that has never failed me. It's called "Ticked Off" & it's like a mini measuring spoon with a slit that you just put next to the embedded tick & scoop up & bingo -- the tick is in the spoon, head & all, ready to be flushed down the toilet. I tried forceps & hemostats in the past & didn't always get a good grip or the head stayed in the skin or I got some fur & dog flesh along with it, or the dog wouldn't sit still long enough, etc. The dogs aren't unhappy with this as they are with forceps & it's so quick you don't have to worry about the dog squirming around. I can't say enough good stuff about this handy little device & it costs less than $5.00!! I have seen them online at some pet supply sites - I got mine at a local sports & hunting store.
Good luck.
Uhoh...I don't think she flushed it. I think she threw it away in the garage I'm all creeped out again!
Those tick scoops are great! I have seen them at Pet Edge too...very cheap!
I agree, don't think you will kill the little buggar! They are indestructable! And remember ... they CAN jump. (I've never seen one though and I have seen a lot of ticks!)
I uses repels ticks as well as fleas. But my dogs also get the shot for Lymes disease (shots have risks so watch for reactions).
Springtime is especially tough for ticks, that is when they really come out, so check your dog from head to foot as soon as you get home from walking.
You just might want to become familiar with tick-borne disease and symptoms so that you can notice any strange changes because it is really hard to find ticks when you are checking a wiggly dood!
It turns out ticks are squishable if hit the with a hammer. Tick guts were confirmed on the paper towel...I can sleep now. I kept having dreams of it crawling on me!
That's a way to take out your aggressions, I guess! Toilets are always handier than a hammer (for me anyway!). I guess if you're the type that carries one around, then go for it!!
No I don't walk around with a hammer---although sometimes I think I might be tempted... :lol:
My Husband was in the garage when my daughter showed him the evil critter!

Hi Guys!
I needed Benadryl after reading this post! :wink: I want to get a tick shot
for myself.
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