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Tick Protection

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What flea/tick protection does everyone use?
I've been using Frontline Plus for a while now, but lately it seems like it doesn't do its job. We are in a horribly tick-infested area and almost everyday I find ticks either crawling or attached to Boomer. Of course I check him, but its easy to miss a small one.
Are K9 Advantix or Revolution any good? Any advice?
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Hi...I use Advantix and have never had a problem with fleas or ticks...and we live in the mountains of northern CA where there are many ticks...deer wander through our yard every ticks on my dogs though. I use it on my puppies too. (After 7 weeks.)
Thanks! Maybe I will try that...
I forgot to might want to ask your vet about the shot to ease/prevent Lyme's disease. I have the vet give this shot to my dogs too...because I think that Frontline and Advantix and others are made to paralyze the flea or tick when they bite...of course, that won't keep them off, but it will prevent heavy infestation and reproduction.
Thanks...He already has this shot. :D
I like Frontline Plus the best. You will find ticks on the dog even if you use one of the topical products. They do not repel ticks, they only kill them after they become attached. My experience has been that the dead ticks fall off 4-16 hours after they become attached. The ticks around us have been really bad too. I have found lots of them on the dogs, and I had one on my head after a trip to the dog park (yuck!). Thank goodness they have all only been American dog ticks and not deer ticks. There are also some natural flea and tick repellent ideas- like garlic, and I have read about putting a few drops of certain essential oils (rose geranium oil is one of them, I think) on the dogs collar to repel ticks. I haven't tried it yet, though.

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