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this is very hard to post, but I need any and all help ...

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I adopted a puppy 8+ mos ago from a very reputable breeder, OFA excellent both parents ... our vet is her guardian home!! Our vet!!!! Perfect family -- 3 kids -- 8, 11, 14 ... great family. So a few weeks ago they take the puppy to the dog park and she comes home and virtually collapses from exhaustion -- they were surprised, but not overly so. A few days later she is limping ... they think Oh I hope it's not HD, but don't really pursue it until it is interrupting her ability to play. They x-ray her -- they've x-rayed all our dogs for OFA -- and say WOW!! HD and it's severe. Is this possible? Absolutely nothing up until the trip to the dog park and then bam, she's incapacitated and she has severe HD?? Our breeder is flipping out!! She is saying it's the family that overworked her pup and there is no way she has HD -- 2 OFA excellent parents, I mean come on, if we can't trust that what the hell?? I'm saying they are vets, for heavens sake ... she says they are not experienced in reading a complex hip x-ray ... I say Oh crud!!! First, is it possible that no symptoms, then the dog park, then limping, then severe HD??? Severe -- with no symptoms prior to that day. I saw them today and asked them to please submit the x-rays to OFA at my expense and wait and see. Is there anything else it could be? My breeder has no experience in this and neither do I ... just wondering if you or anyone you know can shed light on this as it's all I can think of!!!! Makes me want to quit!!!!

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Susie, what a nightmare! I think you are right in having her send the x-rays into OFA and having them read them. I know you can get bad hips from OFA certified good or excellent parents though. When I bred Labs, I had a puppy show up with hip dysplacia out of parents that were OFA certified good, so it does happen. Somewhere there is a weak link and when you cross certain dogs, it comes out. We do our best to breed only healthy dogs but sometimes mother nature still throws us a curve ball. Hang in there :)

Please keep us posted, I, for one, would like to hear the results.
hip problems

Hi Susie: I would take her to a hip specialist and have her looked at. They have some in LA and I'm sure in other parts of the US. See what they say. Hope this helps and I hope there is something they can do. Sueg123
hey girlfriend, ya know what? I have an f1 pup who's 2yrs old, in SD, and her hip x-rays showed poor to dysplastic hips! And she has no pain whatsoever, so I'm going with your explanation, that she was just positioned properly.

My mom-dog has GREAT hips and she has a puppy who's now grown and tested out well, also.

also, how could a dog move great, run great, show no signs of pain and have POOR hips at 2yrs old?
I will let you know if this is possible as I'll be in Denver

on Friday to see a specialist!! I am not buying the instant incapacity nor your situation where there is no pain and preceeding indicators!! :shock: ...
right! your posting your upsetting situation helped me reply to this dog owner, thanks

HEY! can't wait to meet you! Di, Linda any chance you'll be in the Denver area on Friday?

Susie, should we get Debbie to meet too? :wink:
Geez, I wish :D I'd love to meet you guys (of course, I've met you Maureen). I'm always ready to meet up with Doodle lovers and their Doodles :!: We're heading to the Ozarks for a couple of days to visit our son. He bought his house 2 years ago and can you believe it, I've never seen it :cry: That's awful :!: But when you raise puppies, you can't just take off on a whim and it is my choice and I'd rather not be doing anything else :D Our other son, his wife and my grandkids are taking care of our place for a couple of days for us.

You guys have a BLAST :wink:
yeah, I'll contact debbie and see what she's doing ...

I was wondering if you read that entire website that I told you about regarding positioning for x-rays?? It encourages swimming a dog with bad hips and the author claims he refuses to x-ray dogs' hips in the winter when they have been sedentary, he prefers the summer and really emphasizes getting your dog in water??? Very very interesting. I figured my vet would be a bit uncomfortable with my taking the pup to Denver and 2nd guessing their "expertise" but he was more then amenable. I think I will be looking for a new vet soon, though -- I just pray that he is a screw up!!! :) :twisted: :p
I'm sure we can talk more about this....oh, I might want to use this new vet when my new puppy is getting his xrays, since he's going to live on the west side of town.....but I actually think it would be arrogant for a vet or anyone to think that they can know about ALL procedures a vet is asked to do, ya know? Maybe not a screw-up but maybe like the rest of us, he didn't know he was doing something wrong?

I recently heard a breeder say something that was totally wrong, but he/she didn't know it was wrong...they just didn't know what they didn't know! :roll: this is where I have gotten in trouble in my life too!
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