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This house needs a puppy!

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Ok! I have met some of you and have lurked for quite some time. I have looked at your adorable pictures and stories and it has made me so terribly sad that I don't have those anymore. This house has been doodle-less for a month and it feels like 100 years. WE NEED A PUPPY!!!! All the babies are at my moms and I don;t want to get too attached because they will be leaving in 3 weeks. I need a baby! I like the chocolate/ white partis and my hubby is dead set on a "Shelby clone" We need a happy medium. Help!!!
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YES IT DOES!! I can vouch for that!! :wink:
hey Lindsie!! Talk to Kristi about her boy Count!!
He's 6-8 mos. old and ALMOST a Shelbie clone....except the white part. lol. but he's available!
We will be picking up our new little guy Thursday afternoon!!!! We are so excited!! If anyone can tell me how, I will post his picture!!!
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