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Hi Sadie, welcome!
It sounds to me like you will be in a business that you love, and that is the most important factor!
I know that here, in California, we do have massage therapists for dogs and they are very successful.
I suggest that you find a way to do a market survey and see how well this will be accepted in your area...I believe that many dog owners love to pamper their dogs, but I think that your therapy goes beyond that to physical well being...if you can get a market of like-minded people, I'd say go for it!
You might want to look into volunteer work at shelters and vet clinics to get references...imagine if you can advertise that you helped some of these dogs when they were in tough circumstances...people would really take your services seriously!
We acutally have doggie day care "spas" here and they do a good business...they offer therapy.
I think you are on the cutting edge! Good luck!
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