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The good and the bad of Dexter's training

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I recently decided to really start working more on "leave it" and "drop it" with Dexter. After the ball eating incident I think he needs more work. The last 3 nights we have been working on this - first night with junk mail...2nd night with my husband's shirt, last night with underwear (he loves underwear). We are doing very well...he still goes and takes the item to start running around with it, but now I am getting him to drop it on his own and come sit (next to Kirby) in the kitchen and get a treat.

This morning I get out of the shower and look at Dex and he has that look that he's being bad...sure enough he decided to steal the remote control and chew on it (he hasn't done this in a year) :shock: So I go to the kitchen and call them (telling Dex to drop it). Amazingly enough it worked and he dropped it on his own and came to me.

So I'm happy we're making progress, but angry he chewed up another still works, just now we have 2 that are all taped up :shock:
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Dex has a "being bad look?"

Sorry about the remote Leslie. We have a few of the taped up versions here as well.

Now that Dex is learning "leave it" and "drop it" maybe you could replace treats with an appropriate chewie. He will eventually get the idea of what is appropriate chew and what is NOT. (this of course never worked for my golden retriever, Hope the goat, but I thought I would throw it out there )'s this for a naughty look?

Yeah so this is the first time we're seeing any progress at all. So my plan was to overload him with treats (by treats I mean pieces of his food) for now when he drops it and slowly phase them out. He is very food motivated (especially when Kirby is getting food and he is not).

And Annie - Dex is WAY too smart for his own good (or ours) and I'm working at trying to stay one step ahead of him...haha

Normally he steals socks and underwear (it's all about the chase/game)...I think I left the remote in bed last night that's where he got it from...
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I am still laughing over the remote
haha...i don't blame you for laughing. he just goes through these random short times where he does things he hasn't done in so long...sigh...maybe he will mature by the time he's 8 :shock:
well we had further training. Dexter just decided to steal my husband's sweater off the bathroom counter and apparently he thought the sweater needed to be altered. I catch him chewing and ripping it in the other room. UGGGH!!! What is up with him? Anyway, I was able to get him to drop it and come to the kitchen...I think we are in our 5th adolescence with him.
hmmm...we're at 20 months old right now...hitting 2 yrs old in July. I somehow don't see this boy being mature in another 4 months...
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