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The Glass is Half Full?????

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Bwahahahahaha....I buy Raleigh and Molly 'Charlie Bears' for treats...they're little round munchies that I get at Trader Joes, altho I've seen them in Pet stores also.(much more expensive BTW)..anyway, I have a plastic jar on the counter, and when they come in the house after doing their business, they get a treat! Well yesterday I emptied a bag into the jar to over-flowing, and left it too near the edge...Around 9:00 last nite, it got very,very quiet..... :shock: As I walked down the hall, I heard the familiar...'plunk'...(two front feet hitting the floor).....Seems that Mr. Counter Surfer was helping himself to a 9:00 snack!!! Chewing ever so quietly also!! :? And can you beleivew the jar was half empty????? :shock: He must have been putting his tongue in the jar and letting the Charlie Bears stick to it, because there wasn't one crumb or munchie on the counter or floor!!! Hahahahahahha....Just LOVE my Raleigh!!!! Keeps us in stitches constantly!!!
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Way to sneak Raleigh......9pm's a good time cause that's when every thing's good on HGTV!! :wink:
Raleigh! Good Job! Way to be sneaky! I tried that last night too with a zip locked bag of cat food, but I was too noisy! FoodLady was chasing me before I even got it ripped open ! :evil:

Maybe you should give me some lessons? :wink:

Woofs and Licks,
Doesn't everyone have a 9:00 snack?? :lol:

They sure are funny dogs!!
Hahahahhaahahaah Raleigh
Wowie buddy
My Mom takes me upstairs at 9pm to have some treats with the
cats but last night she was rushing us because she wanted to watch
something called Grey's Anatomy. Anyway she dropped what was
intended for a cat, but i thought it was for me(she dropped it in front of me) They were very good salmon treats so she had to go back down and get some more for the cats and I think she missed a little bit of the beginning of her show.
Not my fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Mom missed the beginning ... my FoodLady missed part of the end! I couldn't help it. I wanted to go outside and so I was using my best "need to go now" bark and FoodGuy was a little slow on the uptake until FoodLady sorta yelled at him (glad it wasn't me :? ) and so between the barking and the yelling she missed some of the words. Oh ... she also had to chase me when I got the bag of cat food ... :oops: ... asked if I couldn't please do this during a commercial. What's a commercial?

Woofs and Licks, Your friend
Those snacks sound good Raleigh, I think I'll have Mom look for some. Wow Denver, I've never had Salmon treats, no kitties around here and Ebbe, you have to go for stuff that is not in ziplock baggies, they are too hard to open without making noise. I have my Mom trained, she keeps treats on the end table when she is watching TV, not sure if that is for her benefit or mine :wink:

Wow Raleigh, I haven't tried counter surfing yet. Mom gets mad when I put my chin on the counter to sniff out the good stuff.

Mom's jealous your Mom has Trader Joe's. Before I was born, my parents lived in California and went to Trader Joe's, but there aren't any here in Texas. Now I wish there was one too so I could learn how to counter surf for those good treats.

Your friend Cali
Hey Calli!!!! Tell your Mom to pm my Mom with your address and she'll gladly send you some treats!!! One bag lasts a long,long time (unless I have a 9:00 snack that is....hahaha :shock: ) The vet told my Mom to cut down on snacks for Molly..she was gettin too FAT...or was that Charlie?? (who lives at the Rainbow Bridge) (and maybe my Mom should cut down on snacks..but you didnh't hear it from ME!!. :shock: :shock: ) Anyway, the vet said that even the tinest treat would satisfy a dosen't have to be a great big milk bone!!! Can you imagine how many times Charlie and Molly would go outside to squeeze out the last drop of pee so they could come back in and have a treat??? hahahahahaha They sure had my Mom fooled!!!
Mom said to have your Mom check in PetCO or Petsmart too...they're in a clear see thru cellophane bag with a zip lock or green lettering, and say's ALL NATURAL CHARLEE BEARS

Your pal,
Raleigh! :wink:
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Thanks for the info! FoodLady said something about going to PetSmart this weekend for ... Mutt Mitts? You know, the plastic bags they save my poo in :? (...and they think I'M a doofus!)

Anyway ... since she thinks I will respond to commands better if I have a small treat she is going to try these. Heh - heh - heh ... little does she know! 8)

Woofs and Licks...your friend,
Raleigh...can you teach me how to counter surf quietly? I'm too loud when I try I think cause Mom catches me everytime.

Yesterday my mom and I had a long talk before Grey's Anatomy. She said that if I even made a peep I would be banished outside until it was over and that included the previews too!!! I'm not sure what any of that really means but I didn't want to be outside without Mom so I was quiet. I sure hope I don't have to keep doing this....the quiet game is no fun!!!

What's "counter surfing?" That's one trick my mom hasn't taught me yet. I tried table treating, but Mom and Dad tells me no and I have to get down.

Your friend,
Now we know that apparently Thursday is a good night
that our Mom's like to watch TV so if we delay them
a little bit we can get extras, when they drop things or
we can sneak things as they do not pay as much attention
to us. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: Just call me "McDoodle"! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Raleigh Buddy...way to go!! you are good!!! lately around 9pm i sneak into the kitchen , use my nose to open the kitchen garbage can lid and ohhhh yeah ...leftovers and paper napkins!!! Lately tho seems my mom is waiting and catches me in midact :shock: that's when i get Peanut to distract her heh heh heh
Raleigh can you talk to my mommmie??? she won't give us doggy treats :cry:

your pal
Hey Max
Sucks to be you, no doggy treats


Denver...does Pineapple or tiny bit of cheese or steak count as a doggy treat? cause ONCE in a great while my mommie gives me and peanut a little bit otherwise she can't handle our SBD;s :wink:
It all counts as treats Max
So you do get treats sometimes..........
My Mom gives me pieces of chicken rolled in brown rice
Now that is a great treat and no stinky problems.

FoodLady said:
\ FoodLady said something about going to PetSmart this weekend for ... Mutt Mitts? You know, the plastic bags they save my poo in :? \
Ebbe....tell your Mom to find either a Dollar Tree, or Big Lots for her fetish of collected poo! Our dad buys diaper disposal bags at the Dollar Tree....100 for a buck, or Big Lots has the doggy kind for a buck/hundred! We can't figure out this poo saving thing!!

Jonah and Miko
Hi Cinnamon....This is 'counter surfing'..... :shock:

As you can see, I was pretty short at the time of this picture, so I couldn't
reach the good stuff! But now I'm a really big boy and I can stretch my paw all the way to the back!!! heh-heh=heh...nothing is safe anymore... :shock:

And Maya, all ya gotta do is 'QUIETLY' jump up, take a quick look around, and if ya sees somethin good do a 'snatch and run' move...BUT, ya gotta be quiet when you get down, cause my Mom knows that familiar 'plunk' which is a dead give-a-way!!! :shock: :shock:
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