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the fun never stops

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The fun with Shadow never stops , early this morning while were are out having our morning coffe Shadow is chewing on a stick and starts going absolutely nuts , shaking his head and jumping around and pawing at his face ,we were thinking he's being his usual goofy self , by the time we realize something is wrong he has come over to us on the deck and I grabbed him and opened his mouth and am able to pull out a small twig jammed between his jaw and teeth , so I let him go and he starts going crazy even more , grab him again and hold him down and open his mouth for a better look and he has a bigger peice wedged in the roof of his mouth . pulled it out , after that he went and got a drink of water and calmed down and was ready to play .needless to say we picked up all the branches that blew down last night from a storm , Wondering what sort of trouble he will get into next

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So glad you were there to help him out! It's hard to think of all the possible dangers ahead of time.
Very wise of you, Dan, to continue to investigate...this is a common situation, pups get wood splinters stuck in their teeth or gums and it can go on for a long time before the owner discovers it...good work!
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