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Tonight both doodles were out in our backyard playing, doing what dogs do ...After being out for about an hour Zoey came up to our back door and began to bark …we were in a conversation and basically ignored her…The barks got more frantic and she was pawing at the back door…We went out to investigate…Zoey ran to the deck and just sat looking over the yard…We quickly realized Nezzie was missing …and spotted our gate was ajar… (I had not latched it earlier when working in the yard).
Since our dogs have never been out of the backyard unless on a leash...we were a little more than worried.
Frantic my husband went to look for her and about the same time we noticed Nezzie headed down the street to our home with a three little boys about a few steps behind her . My husband thanked them for returning out dog and asked how they knew where she lived…..
They laughed saying they had no clue where the dog lived. ..
Nezzie had walked up the sidewalk several blocks from our home . The boys said she was sticking right to the side walk until they coacher her to play in their yard . She played for a few minutes and returned to the sidewalk turned and headed down the street …the boys curious decided to follow her all the way to our house... The one little boy told my husband…’that’s a cool dog mister “
Thank goodness Zoey ratted her out….not to mention did not follow her …

Zoey, what a good girl you are!!! Nezzie, did you go get some kids to come and play with you? Next time, you had better ask permission first.
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