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I am lucky to be the owner of a female Labradoodle, Bailey. I got her as a rescue when her owners were no longer able to keep her.
I am trying to find out more about her. I think she is about one year old, but am not even sure about that.
I know she was breed by Sandra Thompson in Mineola, Texas. Her mother is a yellow lab named POLO and her dad an apricot poodle, ROMAN.
I have called all the Thompson's in Mineola (that I could find numbers for) and left messages, but have not received any replies.
If anyone has any informtion for me I would be grateful for the lead.

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I know Texas is a BIG state but I would try checking some of the breeder ads on the website. There is a new breeder in Texas that is listed on this site and there are quite a few listed on the ILA website at , you might try e-mailing these breeders to see if they have ever heard of the breeder that your dog came from. It's a start anyway. I wish you luck and many years of love and happiness with your new doodle!

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