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Test - Picture Posting

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I am just trying to learn how to post a picture using Shutterfly and wanted to try it out here. So here goes, this is my Niki, F1 Labradoodle

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Well, that didn't go so well :( I'll try again later when I have more time. DARN :?
THere is an "img" tab when you post a reply. Click the link..and then click again. Hope this helps.
photobucket is easier and you use the IMG line for posting here.[/url]
Ok guys, I am really feeling stupid :oops: I'm not going to have time to try again until late tomorrow but I will be back to try, I will get this figured out :roll:
upload your pic to photobucket and copy paste the img line here. It is easy!
Congratulations on your new pups!!! How exciting. Get some well deserved rest!!
I can copy the link you provided and past it in my browser. I saw the pic......she is a very beautiful chocolate girl! Is she a mini? Maybe just the angle. She looks as if she is smiling for the camera! What a little ham!
Thanks Missy, she's not a mini. She is only 48 lbs though. That would be great if you could do that. I will try to post a pic of the new puppies later with the directions Shannon gave. I've got people coming out all day today and I'm between people right now and just thought I'd check in, dont have time right now to mess with it. But I will figure it out :wink:
Diane, I'm RIGHT THERE with you!! I know about the posting on the other forums with the <img src= etc, but haven't figured out any of the instructions people have tried to give with this forum's in-posting stuff! :roll:

just thought you'd like the company..... :wink:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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