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Tegan refusing food

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When Tegan was a puppy she was a very fussy eater and often didn't eat her meals. I have always fed her twice a day with just her treats in between. As she grew older and following a couple of different trials with different brands of dog food we are currently on Wellness Simple Food Solutions venison as well as the Wellness venison canned food. I mix 1/2 cup kibble with 1 oz. canned twice a day and her appetite was good until the recent time change. Now she is leaving her breakfast again. Today I gave it to her again at lunch time and she sniffed it and walked off.

Has anyone else had experience with this fussy eating and what did you do about it?
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Chouette's not an eager eater either, and I pretty much leave her food down all the time because her trainer thought that was a good idea, and others on the forum do free-feeding too. With our other dogs we'd leave the bowl down for about ten minutes after they first walked away from it, but after that it came up and into the refrigerator until the next feeding time, since we fed our Danes moistened food with the occasional addition of scraps or gravy. Picking the dish up seems to create a greater tendency to eat it all when it's available, and that was good if we were in a time crunch or needed to add some sort of supplement, like yeast or pills. Chouette eats her food dry, which is probably better for her teeth; we do add treats sometimes, though. The constant availability IS probably contributing to her lacksadaisical attitude toward meals.

I think if I were you I'd try the Killcommons approach. He seems to have an especially good understanding of how dogs' minds work!

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