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Tegan refusing food

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When Tegan was a puppy she was a very fussy eater and often didn't eat her meals. I have always fed her twice a day with just her treats in between. As she grew older and following a couple of different trials with different brands of dog food we are currently on Wellness Simple Food Solutions venison as well as the Wellness venison canned food. I mix 1/2 cup kibble with 1 oz. canned twice a day and her appetite was good until the recent time change. Now she is leaving her breakfast again. Today I gave it to her again at lunch time and she sniffed it and walked off.

Has anyone else had experience with this fussy eating and what did you do about it?
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Max did that around 5mos ??? anyway i sat down with his bowl one day and acted like i was eating it hahaha and kept pushing him away

the other thing i did was to add sweet potatoe to his food.

IF all else fails sometimes you do have to change foods
we use Canidae all life stages
Julie hang in there as puppies do this from time to time.

OH another thing your puppy may or may not do: stop drinking from their water bowl Max did this and OMG i was calling the vet hahaha he wanted fresh bath water...go figure.
when we got Peanut he started gobbling water out of his bowl again.
Peanut never did this.

Max no longer gets finicky cause he knows Princess peanut is there to eat it and if not Beau will hahhaaaaaaaaaa
were any of ever on vacation and hungry enough you'd even eat something you didn't want or like? hahhahaa

i feel with dogs its a common sense thing at times. I like that guy's approach , like a reverse psychology act like the food is great and then almost say" sorry it's not for you" then later watch the dog devour the meal.

i didnt' throw out Max's food when he got finicky...i just sat and pretended this was the yummist food making sounds and kept pushing him away while i held the bowl .......he wasn't finicky after that
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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