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Tanner's second training session

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As many of you know, we have sold our house and are moving into smaller quarters for a year until we retire and move back to South Carolina.

We have hired a dog trainer to come to the house to help with Tanner's anxieties over the move and all the changes that are happening.
We had the second training session yesterday. I am just in awe of this trainer. She really pays attention to Tanner's behavior and his reactions to commands and if something doesn't click she modifies it to work for him.

He is becoming sooooooooo much better when strangers come to the house and she has really given us some good tools to work with. Walks around people, dogs and children and really improving.

I think the main thing that she has done for Tanner is train his owners to be in charge so he can relax.

This only further convinces me that you have to really check out the trainers. It may not be as important in puppy class but when you are working to correct unwanted behavior, you need a trainer that can understand your doodle. :wink:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts glad to hear the great accomplishments!! GO TANNER!!
annieG said:

I think the main thing that she has done for Tanner is train his owners to be in charge so he can relax.

That is what my trainer keeps yelling at me for. I always think Maya is going to jump or not leave it or pull or whatever and she tells me I am causing her to do these things cause I tense up and the dog can feel it.
ANNIE that is such great news!! i am really happy for you and Tanner!!

heather: i was chastised in Max's class before saying Max was doing just fine, it was me who wasn't hahhaaaaaaaa
AnnMarie: I hear that almost every class. My trainer says Maya is doing just fine. however I am not!!!
That is great news Annie. :D :D Keep it up Tanner!!!
WAHOOOOO!!! Great news for ALL of you!!! Keep up the good work!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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