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We took tanner to obedience training level 1 after having the same trainer come to the house for a few sessions. Well, he did great but the other dogs we horrible....the trainer could not control the class and it was a disaster. Tanner would just lay down and sleep through it...totally ignored them.

Needless to say, we quit the class and I sent a letter to the trainer making some maybe she should attend some obedience classes and see how others teach :evil: :evil: She sent me back a letter saying that she knew the class was too slow for Tanner but that there was nothing she could do.

This week Tanner started a new class, intermediate obedience and after 8 weeks if he does well he will earn his "good citizen award". This trainer is great, she trains service dogs for the blind and teaches a wood and metal shop class in a one of our rougher highschools so she is very capable of controlling the class...8 dogs in the group.

First night, Tanner was a total goof ball but by the end of class he was watching the other dogs as they were obeying commands and I think he was starting to catch on...He thinks he is just there to play because that is what he does at daycare.

I would just like him to be able to go hiking off leash and come when called...

:wink: :wink:

Way to go Tanner! Mom wants me to get my CGC award too but she's been traveling a lot so I have to wait 'til the next round of classes.

Hey, I slept through class too! Mom had already worked on the material with me at home and there were some rescue dogs in class that needed special attention.

Mom's a little worried about my jumping if I get CGC and go to nursing homes or hospitals. I'm not though, I know what kind of people to be gentle to. I'm really good with my 3 year old neighbor.

Arfs, Boyd!
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