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Sweater anyone?

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I bought this sweater for Dakota for his Christmas card pic. --It is so tacky to use the same sweater two years in a row!! :roll: Anyway it is a very nice, well made, large that doesn't come close to fitting Dakota. It is 25" long (note--no cut out area for privates) but it is a tight cable stitch that doesn't stretch much. Daota is 80 pounds; I would guess it should fit a dog around 60 pounds. Anyway if anyone wants it for shipping only, pm me!!

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seazr said:
Echo said:
Great offer Diane but Stihl weighs about 63 and Echo is up to 97! I'm sure someone here will have the perfect doodle for the sweater.
Echo is 97 pounds?? :shock: Denver is facing some serious competition . . .[/quote

Denver is hoping there will be lots more competition, he needs the company, so that other people can see that big dogs are awesome too. and we ain't even gonna try the sweater as beautiful as it
is unless you would not mind a cat or two wearing it.
MaxandMe said:
Diane, you're pretty petite, have YOU tried the sweater on yourself? :shock: :lol:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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