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Does anyone have a suggestion for spf 50 clothing for Doodles? I'm going to be taking Abby boating with me and want to get her some protection from UV. I'm thinking of Doggles for her eyes and a hat for her head but I'd like some kind of body suit or SPF T-shirt to protect the rest of her. Suggestions? Thanks...m
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Rit (makers of dyes) makes a laundry treatment to boost UV protection of clothes up to UPF 30. It is dermatologist recommended and has the seal of The Skin Cancer Foundation Recommendation on the box. One treatment (just add to your was, I believe) good for repeated washings. I haven't tried it, but bought the box of stuff since it sounded like a cool idea. I burn easily.

My scanner software isn't working at the moment, but if I get it worked out I'll scan the box so you can see what it looks like.
annabelles mom said:
here are some spf shirts for doggies

fragrence free sunscreen for pets

or possibly you could use childrens UV clothing/hat ... p/hb-c.htm
PERFECT :!: Thanks Mary!!! :D
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