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:lol: Im sorry, I dont mean to laugh, but we have been going through this over the past month or so.

Seems that Bandit hit the stage and now all of you with Oct/Nov puppies are running into the same thing.

Our trainer told us this:
Think of him as a pre-teen child at this point. He is testing his/your limits and where the boundaries are.
Be fair, firm, and fun with teaching these limits, and most of all consistent.

I understand Sadie is female, just illustrating the point from what we were told.

He still loves to play keep away and its great exercise for Kyren (our 12 yr old) too. From what I have found is that is his way of saying, "No, I dont want to come in, or do what you want, its playtime."
Much like if Kyren told me that, I put the stop to it. Easiest way I found was commanding him to sit, taking the leash and bringing him in. Otherwise, if you do nothing, I believe it will continue.

Not certain about Sadie's temperment, but Bandit very much wants to be the alpha. We have demonstrated his place very effectively with Tia and myself, and continue to work with Kyren that he is above Bandit, slow progress, but there is progress.

Hope that helps.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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