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Hi Jannie...I have to tell you that our 5 month old male Dunkin has been pulling the same stunts. He was so good off the leash and came when called. All of a sudden he is not listening. My husband spent 25 minutes trying to get the leash on him outside the other day. Each time he approached Dunkin would run off like he wanted to play and be chased. After about 20 minutes of my husband trying everything ( and getting pretty annoyed) Dunkin had the nerve to look at him lay down in the middle of the field. My husband got a hold of him 5 minutes later by pretending there was something in the grass near by and Dunkin came to check it out. Funny also that Dunkin dislikes our trainer too. He refuses to greet him or come to him, we saw the trainer at the park and Dunkin plopped himself down and wouldn't move towards him. He even tried to pull me in the other direction. It's like Dunkin is saying.."wait a minute this is the guy who messed up my whole plan of training these people." I feel your frustration...let's hope they grow out of this stage real soon!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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