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Very good point....though a written, basic agreement would be in order, yes?
I am foolishly trusting, I think, maybe not as gullible as I was when I was young....but,
I am amazed at the times I have been fooled by someone that I thought had exemplary character.
I think I am a fairly good judge of character for the most part....
but, I have missed the cues a time, or two.

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Yes, Jane, I think it is very wise to have a that spells out all of the conditions that you agree upon. But I would not agree to a contract that restricted my ability to make breeding or business decisions. I think that the person working with me should be confident that I am a responsible breeder and will act accordingly.
You could ask to see the contract before you agree to anything and then negotiate the terms...and never sign a contract when someone says, "oh, I agree, we can change that...just sign it and I'll make the changes..."
Never sign anything that isn't the way you want it to be! :eek:)

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cocoandjane said:
Maureen, when I read what you said above....
my first thought was how scared I would be to begin a breeding program...
downsizing the standard, to a medium and then to a mini....
I don't know the first thing about that whole process!!
I have read about it and might get the general idea, but
I would be terrified to have those puppies with standard heads and torsos
with legs too small for the rest of their bodies....
I am sure you and many others understand it all and
obviously have both experience and knowledge under their belts...........
I'd love to know more about it all.
Are you already breeding mini's, or mediums??
I am sorry, I have forgotten.

Jane, when I first heard of mini's I thought the same thing!! I still believe gradual is better than severe reductions.
In other words, I don't personally breed Toy Poodles to Labradors or Labradoodles. I like the square confirmation. Which is also why I'm really excited about the Poodle breeder I just found. She is very proud of the fact that her 15" tall Miniatures weigh 15lbs as well, they aren't just "big" toy poodles! By contrast, a "big toy" might be a Poodle that is 11" tall but only 8lbs? That is a height that says "Miniature" but a weight that says "Toy".

I am already breeding Miniatures, with a 14" stud and an 18" F1 dam, and sure enough! Puppies are in the 15-17" height range. Did I get lucky? I don't know! But it's just how I would plan it if I was in control. :D

I am also planning to breed my 16" miniature boy Sunny to my 21" girl, Truffle for a "true" medium, in the 17-18" range, hopefully. "MEDIUM" is such a vague term, so I will try to define it carefully when I use it. To me, a Springer Spaniel or smallish Lab is a medium size, but if you think a Cocker is medium, then you might think my Mediums are Standards! You get the idea..... :D

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Hey everybody, I have been approached about using my boy, Sunny, pictured in my avatar. A breeder on the east coast, sort of, has asked me what do I charge? So, I'm asking HOW do you decide what you charge? Is it your price for a puppy? Or the price they charge for a puppy? What if there are additional fees involved, such as collection/shipping? Is that a factor for consideration?

THANKS in advance!!!
I think the market price for your puppy will be around 1300$ - 1500$ and you must consider the shipping charges. As if you chose any pet transporting company they will charge you. So can say 1400$ + shipping charge.

Best regards,

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Mom, (Tuesday)is out of a long line of yellow labs & a dark black std.poodle
His dad is a red apricot, out of a dark red male (in the background of alot of dark red lines out there now) & a black female.
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