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Stud Service Opinions PLEASE!

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Hey everybody, I have been approached about using my boy, Sunny, pictured in my avatar. A breeder on the east coast, sort of, has asked me what do I charge? So, I'm asking HOW do you decide what you charge? Is it your price for a puppy? Or the price they charge for a puppy? What if there are additional fees involved, such as collection/shipping? Is that a factor for consideration?

THANKS in advance!!!
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by the way, I'm in the process of co-ownership of a Miniature Poodle here in CO from wonderful lines if anyone is ever looking for a red Miniature male for stud service! He's not born yet, but I am so thankful to have found this Miniature Poodle breeder! Email me if you are curious.
Maureen, when I read what you said above....
my first thought was how scared I would be to begin a breeding program...
downsizing the standard, to a medium and then to a mini....
I don't know the first thing about that whole process!!
I have read about it and might get the general idea, but
I would be terrified to have those puppies with standard heads and torsos
with legs too small for the rest of their bodies....
I am sure you and many others understand it all and
obviously have both experience and knowledge under their belts...........
I'd love to know more about it all.
Are you already breeding mini's, or mediums??
I am sorry, I have forgotten.

This thread began to go off to the discussion of color....which is fascinating to me, too.
Not as scarry as breeding for size....I so love all the colors
that it doesn't matter to me what I end up focusing on....
(which I will have to do since we are still intending to breed on a very small scale
compared to most I've met through this forum and in my general area of the world~~
~ BUT, I still find the "study" of all these facets of breeding so interesting,
even if I never get to go into a fraction, of a fraction of them experientially.
A deep red doodle is such a gorgeous thing!!

Thanks for all the info about studding dogs....and current practices and trends.
Maybe you said this....but, don't most breeders have some sort of contract, or agreement
with the dam's owner in writing....spelling out all the particulars?...Just as many breeder's have sales agreements that get in writing those stipulations that are of importance to the breeder and really, the new owner, too?
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Very good point....though a written, basic agreement would be in order, yes?
I am foolishly trusting, I think, maybe not as gullible as I was when I was young....but,
I am amazed at the times I have been fooled by someone that I thought had exemplary character.
I think I am a fairly good judge of character for the most part....
but, I have missed the cues a time, or two.
I agree with you....I am very careful what I sign my name to.
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