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Spaying Complications

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We took Maddie to be spayed 3 weeks ago. A week after her surgery, it appeared she was developing an infection. Took her back to the vet, he put her on antibiotics. Signs for infection cleared up. Last monday, the vet removed her stitches, all looked well. Friday night she had what appeared to be a large blood blister develop on the incision site. Called the vet, he said put her back on antibiotics. By saturday morning, blood blister poped, and incision site began to open up. The vet said she may be allergic to the inside stitches. Today she is having surgery again. He is opening her back up, and removing inside stitches. What a night mare. Has anyone else experience this?
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Wow. That is a nightmare. I'm so sorry. You have had a really rough three weeks. I'm afraid I don't have experience to share, but I will say that it took Gracie a lot longer to heal after her surgery than I expected. Now (4 months later) you can't even see a scar. Ya'll hang in there. Let us know how it goes.
I am so sorry that you and little Maddie are going through this. How did the surgery go? Did they give you any more information?
I have had a different type of complication with a spay...and although spay is a common procedrue, like all invasive operations using anesthesia, there is a risk of complications. I don't know that there is a definate cause related to what you have experienced, but I suspect that the vet will be able to let you know what happened...and I pray that she will have a complete and quick recovery.
Please let us know when you have any more information.
How scary!! I hope this operation takes care of it. Poor little girl. Jorja is coming up on six months old and I need to get this done too. Yikes!
thanks for your kind words. Our vet said that he saw no signs of infection, and he believed it was just a reaction to the inside stitches. Her body was not accepting and trying to push them out. He replaced them with Stainless Steel stitches, we are hoping that this works. She had alot of bleeding last night, the vet said that had to do with having to open her incision again. She will now have outside stitches for 2 more weeks, she has the cone collar, is wrapped around the middle with a bandage for the next 2 days, to help keep things together. Our vet wants her to wear the cone until the stitches come out :shock: 2 weeks! Having opened her twice, it is harder for the incision to heal this time, and we need to protect that area until it does heal.

Needless to say, she is not at all happy about the situation - especially the cone collar. :( will be a long 2 weeks.....
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Oh, I am feeling for both of you. You have to be so worried about her. Thought and prayers are coming your way Maddie!
We're thinking of you and Maddie! Here's to a speedy recovery!
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