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spay/neutar contract

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How do you enforce a spay/neutar contract :?: Similarily, how do you feel about the safety and developmental consequences of spay/neutar at 8 weeks of age :?:
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you have had a lot of great questions lately :)

is everything ok or are you going to breed? Come on spill the beans :)
Depends on the breeder

My contract states they pay full breeding price if not spayed by certain site frame,,I have only had to take legal action once so far, most get me the paper work as soon as its done,
i have to admit i am behind in paperwork but they come in all the time ,when i get around to it,owners best have the documentation when i approach them for it if not sent it

Early spay IMO is not a good idea,,it can cause incontinance, bone cancers and growth issues just to name a few, Dogs need to mature before altering is done and i feel the Health of our pups is top priority in any and everyway we can ,Im not willing to take chances that things can be caused by early spay/nueture that is a elective surgury to begin with!!
I have an extremely strong spay/neuter contract...and the key is that I WILL enforce it. Many people are not ready to take it to court and the buyer knows they don't spay/neuter and often even breed the dog. I would not hesitate to file a lawsuit the minute I believed that they do not intend to comply with that part of the contract.
It is much too important...not because we are afraid of competition or that I want more money if I am selling a breeding dog, although their value increases...but because breeding dogs are selected to breed...based on many things. And, if someone is that irresponsible with their contractural obligations, they would also be the type of person I would worry about becoming a typical back yard breeder...having accidental litters with unknown sires...and the puppies would suffer.
Sorry...that is strong, but very important to me.
I used to do early spay/neuter and I believe it to be safe...but there are risks...and I had a puppy die from it...I will never get over the guilt and pain of that decision. So, personally, I will take my chances in court...and I WILL enforce my contracts.
It all depends on how carefully your contract is drawn up...and your intention to take it to court. If you don't intend to go to court to enforce it...why even bother with a contract?
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Yes Jacque

Mine is the same,,and i will ,,and Have enforced it
I so hate to do it,but it is for the benifit of the dog and the breed
I am so glad to hear you say this
movistar said:
you have had a lot of great questions lately :)

is everything ok or are you going to breed? Come on spill the beans :)
Oh everything is great! We are thinking about breeding. Things are very much still in the conceptual stage. My wife and I have always wanted to. I grew up on a farm with cows, goats, chickens, cats, rabbits, ect reproducing all the time and always planned to be a hobby dog breeder one day. We are discussing if this is the right time/ the right dog. We want to have the first littler before we have our 1st child so we dont have any distractions. Oh, and she isnt pregnant yet so we have ALOT of time to plan and prepare.

If I understand my genetics right (I am a biochemist by training) our girl is Eebb. We are looking for a red/apricot bbee poodle stud. We found one that was a mini, hence the questions. I appreciate all the expert feedback. I have decided its best to stay away from the unknown; if it hasnt been proven to be safe to breed two dogs of dramaticly size differences then i'll pass, especially for a 1st time. We have a standard interested from a long line of aprocots, but no DNA from them, waiting on hips. Promising, but the search is in progress.

There is a poodle breeder very near by that I am hoping to go talk to. I havent contacted her yet (bit of a scardy cat), but i hope she is nice. They are anti-doodle (I think because they feel their poodles fill the roles that doodles are competing for, they dont breed show dogs, only pets). I couldnt get any of their studs even though they are amazing, but hopfully they are professional enough to mentor me or at least answer some of my questions that require observing in person over typing. I think this foum is a great place for information but there is no substituting direct observation for some things. Its my hope to see her whelp a litter before i do my 1st. Dogs are different than cows. :lol: . We are still waiting for hips on our girl, she is too young now but i take a very long time planning anything out before i embark on something, i need to gather so much information before i make a decision, but thats the scientist in me.

I was hoping post natal spay/neutar was safe and healthy, its used in larger farm animals routinely. I'll need to do some more research on that one I think. It would be some much easier than hunting people down afterwards.
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Well, I certainly commend you on the way you are going about this! You are doing everything right. I hope that the Poodle breeder is understanding, but sounds like you are prepared in case they aren't.
I sincerely believe that early spay/nuter is safe, if you select the right problem is that my vet was not prepared for any type of emergency situation...and I believe that she over sedated my baby girl. There was a lot happening that makes me believe that if I had known more and if I would have had the right vet, everything would have been fine.
So, even if you have to drive them to a vet farther away, just be sure that you get one who knows what to do, not just someone who promises that they do.
I will be glad to give you the benefit of my situation so that you can learn what I did...please feel free to send a PM to me if you would like.
I congratulate you on your decision and it sounds like you will make an excellent breeder!
I sent you a PM (uh not you jac, to kingstontodd :))
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