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Sometime it's not the Doodle who's a Doofus!

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Have to share a husband/dog story and it's not the dog who come out silly!

Saturday night after dinner we decide to take Ebbe to a nearby creamy whip (soft serve ice cream) for cones and a doggie sundae (small cup of vanilla with a dog biscuit). Ebbe was in a frenzy of frozen fun as she quickly licked hers away, then used her best whiney voice for some of ours.

My Marc got a swirl (choc/vanilla) in a waffle cone that has a paper covering over the lower third. For whatever reason he struggles to remove that paper and in his efforts what is left of his ice cream dislodges and plops down right on top on Ebbe's head! She was surprised :shock: , but recovered quickly had a good shake (melted ice cream flew!) and polished off the rest of his ice cream as well as the waffle cone he then generously shared.

I was in hysterics :lol: . Ebbe's head was covered in melted ice cream :? . And Marc ... extremely disappointed :( , he does love his ice cream! Luckily we had water and a towel in the car and were able to clean up the mess or Marc did, I just couldn't stop laughing!
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:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
Great Monday morning story.
Thank you. A Doodle and his/her icecream can not
be kept apart.
that is such a cute story!!! hahhahahaa thanks!! :D
Personally, I don't think the ice cream on Ebbe's head was an accident. I think Marc was set up by an ice cream loving Doodle!! :shock: :lol: :lol:
i agree with Diane....sounds like a set-up....except he missed the mouth which was the actual target! :lol:
thanks for a good laugh keep that camera handy next time :wink:
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