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OK so this one isnt so much of a nudge as a WEIRD coincidence.... my sister says there are none... I am beginning to think she's right!

Last Thursday I was telling my fiance that in highschool I was the president of a bone marrow drive and raised all kinds of money and got 50+ people to donate an extra vile of blood at a blood drive to be put on the registry.... I forget how it came up but I had never told him that before and how someday I might be called as a match.

Well the NEXT day they called and I am a potential match for a woman with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I went in for more tests on Monday and it could take up to two months for them to knwo whether or not I am a true match.

Isn't that WEIRD!!!??!?! It was like something in the cosmos gave me the chance to tell him about the bone marrow drive before it was personal to him... to let him know that this might be a possibility and how neat that was, to get his support... and then the next day.... the call comes that makes it real.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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