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So, you thought that you had a bad haircut at the groomers..

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I found these photos and thought that you would all get a kick out of them. I guess that bad groom that your doodle had wasn't all that bad, huh? :shock:

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OUCH!! Those make my eyes hurt!! :shock:
I think those people have a problem!!!!! Bwahahahahaha.....unbeleivable what people do to their dogs!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh! :D :D
Oh my... don't let them near any of MY babies! LOL

Reminds me of a farmer here who used to have white calves each spring and one year as an easter decoration dyed them various easter egg colors. He lived on the main HWY going through town, so it was a real traffic stopper! LOL
Yikes I am glad my mommy does not do that to me

Woof woof

Don't let Vanessa see this post......she might get some ideas hahahhaaa
There was a farmer that used to paint his cows orange during hunting season. Saved on accidents!
The dog-as-turtle appeared as a photo story in my local newspaper, thankfully not in color since it's even more hideous that way! Poor poor beasts! What WERE their people thinking?

I found the groomer!!
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But I can's a picture of Edward Scissorhands!!!! Leave it to Gene....hahahahahaha
Now I can see it
I need him to cut Denver's nails...........
Good one that is funnier than the dogs.
Geesh, don't people want their dogs to have any dignity? Those people really do have a problem!

Love the Edward Scissorhands post Gene! :D
sessa35 said:
I draw the line at mohawks.
Unless maybe a mother daughter tattoo?? :wink:
Settling just on her navel ring then..... :wink:
Okay I just about threw up in my mouth when I saw those haircuts....that was WRONG :shock:

Gene the Scissorhands was very clever and funny :lol: :lol:
And some people think we're too obsessed with our dogs. :roll:

The general captions for those pictures should be "Get A Life" and leave your poor dog alone! :twisted:
Good one Gene

OMG what were they thinking - I thought I was bad putting my babies in a halloween costume
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Like I tell my daughter...the difference between a bad haircut and a good one?

2 weeks!

now, don't hate me but I think this one is kinda cool!

they look like real wreaths to me!
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