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Hey, maybe Buddy is lost in the wood confused where he is. I heard that if a dog hear a sound, for example, bells or whisper, he wouldn't feel so confused. And the dog would follow that sound. Don't give up, he will come soon. He's in our thought. Also bell thing or music, dogs and puppy likes that kind of sounds because it remind them of their mom's heartbeats. Pls let me know if there's anything I can do. You can post his pic on forum and maybe there'll be someone who has him. :-(
Maybe also you can have a lot of people and go into wood during daytime to find him. Try to bring music, bell or whisper sounds. That may do a sneaky trick.

angelakj said:
I picked up Buddy this afternoon and drove him four hours to our home. He is just precious - beautiful - sweet. He's black with lots of chocolate tones. I was really worried because when you reach out to pet him he shrinks back and shakes. After about 20 min he was fine and would come up to me and let me pet him and look into his sweet eyes. He was fine on the way home and kept trying to get out of the back and up to me in the front. He's just a sweet baby. Anyway, the breeder told me he had never worn a collar or been on a leash. He carried him to my car. I asked if we should let him go potty before the trip and he said he didn't know what he would do if he put him down. I assumed he thought Buddy might be overwhelmed and run off. We got home with his $150 of new toys and gear and I put the collar on him and the leash and my husband picked him up and put him down. Well, Buddy wiggled once, twice and was out of the collar. He ran up the driveway and jumped around and then dashed off into the woods. We called and called and couldn't get him back. We had written him off for lost since he doesn't know the area or our home. About 15min later he emerged from the woods soaking wet - he obviously went swimming in the river. I called him and he came pretty close then dashed off into the woods again. I could practically hear the song "Born Free" playing in the trees! My husband and I have deduced that this poor guy was probably tethered his whole life with no socialization at all. We're so sad because we have such a fantastic home to offer him if he'll just come back. We are very, very rural and now we have "unleashed" an unneutered dog without the rabies vaccination into the wild. I'm just sick. He's such a wonderful guy and with lots of love and attention I just know he would be great and so happy. What do I do? I'm going to put the crate on the porch with a blanket inside. I think I'll put a bowl of food in there as well. We let Cody out to try and bring him back but nothing came of it. I'm so sad. I really believe the breeder is a good guy but how could a puppy be so isolated that he ends up like this. He shrank back with his tail between his legs shaking at the thought of being approached. I don't think he was physically abused - just ignored. Now I'm also worried about him getting sick or even aggressive/wild/dangerous and being in the woods near my children. Could I have just lost the animal that will attack my children one day? I'm just sick.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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