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So, IF I were to get a second doodle....

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WHEN is the BEST time? Sadie is only 8 months and I'm not planning to do anything until she's at least a year.
She's obviously a female :lol:
In your a male the best choice? She's not a dominant type dog at all. Does it matter if I get another female?
All experienced, multiple doodle owners please chime in!
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Great question!!
I don't believe gender is a factor AT ALL if you are neutering/spaying both so it really is up to you as to when you want a second doodle.

Julie I forgot to add I've just lowered the cost on a scruffy mini-doodle if you are looking right me!
lmtoth2 said:
I think temperment is more important than gender.
Leslie you are EXACTLY RIGHT!!
One of the things to think about is, do you want a dog who will be alpha to your first dog? Or submissive to your first dog? Either way is fine, but I have a feeling that this is where the male/female combo gets its validity or why it keeps travelling around as good advice. My vet has 2 boys! My other vet has an assortment! And I have girls, of course. See, it really is up to you and how you want to set up your home. You get to choose. But the truth of the gender question is that gender is NEUTRALIZED when the dogs are neutered. Girls can be alpha, boys can be alpha and that is determined in the litter, not by x's and y's. And it makes sense that people generalize according to their experience. But each dog's personality and temperment are what really matter when they are living with you, and that's the key.

I hope this helps! You'll know what you want or who you want when you "meet" them - even if it's a posting or a picture online!
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1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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