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So, IF I were to get a second doodle....

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WHEN is the BEST time? Sadie is only 8 months and I'm not planning to do anything until she's at least a year.
She's obviously a female :lol:
In your a male the best choice? She's not a dominant type dog at all. Does it matter if I get another female?
All experienced, multiple doodle owners please chime in!
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Ok this is just me. If you get a boy i would say you would want him older then Sadie. For us it is really nice with Beau. He kind of keeps Cacao in line. But sometimes she keeps him in line. It is funny. they just work so well together. I would almost take Sadie to met the new dog. It helps you see how they act together. Cacao and Beau hit it off 1st thing. It was like they just knew it was meant to be.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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