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So, IF I were to get a second doodle....

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WHEN is the BEST time? Sadie is only 8 months and I'm not planning to do anything until she's at least a year.
She's obviously a female :lol:
In your a male the best choice? She's not a dominant type dog at all. Does it matter if I get another female?
All experienced, multiple doodle owners please chime in!
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from experience...

If you didn't already know, I have decided to keep my foster doodle Jack and I HIGHLY recommend fostering a second doodle before committing to a double doodle home. I know that I got very lucky with a great fit in Jack, but I had no idea what to expect having two dogs until I got him. I had only the committment to give him a good home until he found his forever home, and it just turned out that the forever home was mine!
Also.... since you live in Indiana like me, we have a lot of doodles that need to be rescued or re homed. I would definitely get in contact with IDOG and let them know that you are interested in another doodle. Jack and Bodzin are both about a year old. Both are about at the same level in maturity and both are completely housebroken. IT IS GREAT!
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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