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So clever!!

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doodles are soooo clever!! My Leyla loves her ball so if she is chewing her bone My Milly will go over pick up the ball and drop in front of Leyla - as if she wants to play then Leyla gets excited to play with ball - then Milly steals the chew !!! it is unbelieveable -

these dogs are seriously clever!!
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hahahahaha!!! Isn't that cute?

We have a similar situation going on here...our little (well, she is big) Rosie is crazy for everything...she steals everyone's treat, ball, toy, chewie...paper she collects prizes and hoards them in front of her while Chase (my ever patient and sweet Poodle boy) stands near her, wagging his tail, waiting for her to turn away...then he dashes in, grabs his prize and dances all over the place...until Rosie boldly stands up and demands its return...then it starts all over again.

They are so adorable...who needs television when you have doods??? :lol:

Thanks for sharing your cute story.
Doodles are very clever. On a seperate subject, Dakota recently decided swimming is the best way in the world to spend his time. We've always had problems with our dogs retrieving their balls in the pool and bringing it back to us with a soaking shake! :shock: It took us about 2 hours to teach Dakota to stay and shake about 10 feet out before he brought his ball back to us! :lol:
Diane (and Dakota)
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