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Snowdoodles! Let's see yours!

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George and Gracie playing in the snow.

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Wonderful photos! They have gorgeous eyes to match their beautiful coats!!! Thanks for sharing.
How fun! Thanks for sharing the great pics! Doc doesn't have any snow to play in. Maybe I'll take him up to the mountains sometime. :D
What wonderful photos ! Your dogs remind me so much of our Louie. Same color, eyes, nose, and coat type. Since we adopted our doodles as 2 year olds, and we are new to doodlemania we have never been sure what "type" of doodle they are (F1, F2 ect, ), or what type of coat they have. So what are yours ? That would really give us some insight on what ours might be. Thank you---Kathy
Awesome pictures!!! Love the snow doggies. Here are the only snow pictures I have and these are from 12-01-06

Mine are F1 labradoodles..
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Great pictures thanks for sharing.
Shannon - Your cuties are so adorable. If they came over to play we wouldn't be able to tell them apart -especially not with those snow mustache disguises. Kind of a Groucho/abominable snowman costume....

Kathy - George and Gracie are 17 mo. old F1 littermates from a chocolate lab mom and a chocolate standard poodle sire. In the summer they get blonde highlights all over the tips of their scruffies. Gracie's eyes are soulful brown, George's are golden. She weighs 70 pounds, he weighs slightly over 80 and they are both quite lean.

WARNING: Doodlemania is real and contagious. In my case the gestation period for the disease was about 3 days, during which I repeated over and over to myself, "I only want ONE dog! I only want ONE dog!" then the fever started and a second doodle appeared in the crate, just after my husband's fever began. Now the fevers are over and we are quite content with TWO! I'm quite content with TWO! I'm quite content with TWO!
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Love the snow pics, if we had any I'd post some too.. No snow in canada in january. its crazy. Seeing George and Gracie is like looking into the future with our Hershy. Its freaky.

here is an old photo of her at 5 months.

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Thank you 2doodsmom--I am pretty sure Louie and Lizzie must be F1's too. Louie gets the same golden highlights !! My friend and hairdresser asked Louie the first time she met him "who does your highlights" ! My dogs aren't as big as yours--about 10 lbs lighter--and Lizzie's coat is a bit lighter--but I was really struck how much yours look like Louie. It was like looking at a picture of him. I will try posting some more pictures of them soon--I always need help from my daughter !! You are right about doodlemania--we have it bad !--Thanks again--Kathy
We have no snow this year - very unusual for this part of Ontario. Here is Sadie enjoying the snow last winter. She can't wait for snow this year, she LOVES it!

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In Chicago we haven't had snow since the begining of December, so here again is Frankie's first snow.

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This is the wierdest year for weather..... we have snow only rarely here, but this winter we've had over 20 inches so far and enormous winds. But those of you who are used to snow have none. I went to Minneapolis last week and it was balmy with no snow. wow.
It is totally unreal, isn't it?? We normally have snow in Chicago,but nope, just once this year..
I am hope we actually do get snow, this weekend. Frankie just loves it!
Frankie is just so adorable!! Cheryl, are you actually in Chicago. I am about 45 mins south of chicago.
One of my good friends that has two goldendoodles is in Bartlett..
I have meet people in my neighborhood that either have goldendoodles or labradoodles.
That is great! We are going to have to get you on the romp list. We usually have romps once a month when it is warmer.
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