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So winter finally arrived last week with snow and ice last Saturday which melted Sunday, then 8" of snow Tuesday with an additional 2" Thursday and more tonight. Cody LOVES the snow - he thinks the whole world has turned into one big ice cube just for him. :D

He's normally just in our yard or in our house, but tonight I took him to a pet supply store to get another rope (power jaws destroyed the last one in record time). In walking him through the parking lot at the strip mall it occurred to me that there's a fair amount of salt on the ground. I figure it can't be good for his paws. So I washed his paws with a wash cloth when we got home, but should I be doing something else?

Also, when he comes in from the snowy yard he has ice/snowballs between his pads and attached to his lower legs. Is it best to remove these completely or would it be ok to remove the ones between his pads and let the rest melt (I don't mind damp carpet if it means I don't have to wrestle him to comb the ice/snow out of his lower legs). Thoughts?

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